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***Specializing in RMHA Registered Rocky Mountain Horses***

Welcome to our website. Our goal is to produce & sale, quality, old-time, "Rocky Mountain Horses", that Win your Heart!!!!!  We choose stallions, that are the best in the breed, to compliment each of our mare's, they are proven producers of foals possessing the gait, temperament, conformation, and beauty that make the, Rocky Mountain Horse, a treasure. Our horses are all, RMHA registered, and Certifed to Breed, many are only two Generation's away from, "Tobe", and are, Producing offspring, as high as, 50%  Tobe. (Tobe, is the foundation sire of the, Rocky Mountain Horse breed, as we know it today). Our mares include, a direct, daughter of, "Sewell's Sam", by "Tobe",  and a direct, daughter of "Yankee", (Ragtime), by "Tobe". Our stallion is the Son of  World & International Conformation plus Undersaddle Champion, "Jake's Mirror", and is out of a, direct "Sewell's Sam", daughter.

If a calm temperament, willing attitude, and smooth ride, are what you desire, then a, Rocky Mountain Horse, will be a dream come true. These horses are easy keepers, have excellent hooves, (many are ridden barefoot), beautiful conformation, and lots of stamina. They are very in-tune with their handlers. "Rockys", are excellent for young riders who are just learning, trail riders who want a true partner, or the professional, who wants a show ring champion, they are extremely versatile horses.

***There is, No Substitute for 100% Quality-Bred, Rocky Mountain Horse's, with all the Wonderful Traits they are Famous for, THEY REALLY DO EXIST, WE HAVE THEM..... AND YOU CAN TOO, for more information contact Greg or Ann McFadden at, 501-658-8411.

UPDATE: Romance Valley Farm, has recently relocated to Heber Springs AR, we have decided to downsize and have some "Outstanding", Rockies that have never before been available to purchase. To see photos click on the FOR SALE page.      

We strive to produce the Finest, Rocky Mountain Horses, Available.